Annual Deputy Reports

If a person lacks mental capacity to manage their own financial affairs and does not have a valid Enduring Power of Attorney or Lasting Power of Attorney in place, they will need a Deputy appointed by the Court of Protection.

The Court Appointed Deputy has a number of duties and responsibilities, one of which will be to report annually to the Court of Protection with an account of the activities they have undertaken with that person’s property and financial affairs.

What does the Deputy Annual Report involve?
The Deputy Annual Report will include details of all income, expenditure and capital together with details of significant decisions taken in relation to the person’s property and financial affairs in the twelve-month period that the report covers.

The Court will then review that report and either accept it or raise questions about it. 

If you are a Deputy seeking advice concerning Deputy Annual reports, it costs nothing to pick up the phone or to email us for more information.

We can provide guidance for creating the Deputy Annual Report or we can prepare the annual deputy report on your behalf.
*Please note, as a Court appointed Deputy any reasonable costs of seeking legal advice as part of your role as Deputy will be payable out of the estate of the incapacitated person.

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