Divorce & Separation

The pressures of everyday life can take their toll on relationships. The breakdown of a relationship can be unexpected and upsetting and there may be difficult issues you need to deal with.

You may not wish to take immediate steps to formally end your marriage or relationship but you may need advice about your legal rights and your options going forward.  

We can provide tailored, professional legal advice on:

  • Legal separation: We can assist by preparing a separation agreement or obtaining a judicial separation.
  • Divorce or Civil Partnership Dissolution proceedings: We can advise you on the grounds for issuing proceedings and the process through to your Decree Absolute/Conditional Order.  If your husband, wife or civil partner has started the process, we can advise you on how to respond and complete the necessary paperwork.

We know many cases will also involve children or financial matters and our team of Family Solicitors will provide specific advice to you and answer any questions you have concerning those important issues.

Contact your family law specialists

Contact our team of family solicitors to discuss your case and to find out if we can help.  If you would like a more detailed conversation, our Ask the Legal Expert (ALE) service allows you a more in-depth meeting with one of our family solicitors for £200 + VAT.

Call us today and one of our solicitors will be happy to talk to you.

Contact our team of expert family solicitors to discuss your needs. Call our team on 0117 929 0451 or email.

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