Protecting your Children

A Will is particularly important for anyone with children.

If you are a separated or unmarried parent, we strongly recommend that you appoint a guardian to take over parental responsibility should you die before your child is under 18.

At what age would my children benefit?
If you left your Estate to your child without stipulating an age, it would effectively belong to him or her immediately following your death.

In this case, the Trustees would simply be acting as ‘Bare Trustees’, i.e. looking after the fund until your child reached 18.

If you decide that 18 is too young for your child to inherit what could potentially be a life changing sum of money, you can specify a later age for your child or children to benefit, for example 21 or 25.

In this case, the Trustees of your Will would look after the fund for your child until they reached the stipulated age.

The Trustees would also have the ability to access income and capital from that fund for your child or children should they need it before the stipulated age (e.g. for education, maintenance or benefit).

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